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Misconceptions about Senior Assisted-Living Communities

Ryan Novaczyk

Add paragraph text here.As CFO and president of New Perspective Senior Living, Ryan Novaczyk possesses a high level of understanding of the senior housing and finance sectors. In his role, Ryan Novaczyk oversees operations and finances for the company’s 22 different senior assisted-living communities across the states of Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

To reside in assisted living communities, seniors may have to leave behind some of their usual comforts, making the decision to live in assisted-living communities difficult. Despite this, seniors should be aware of certain fallacies that surround the idea of moving into assisted-living communities.
It is not true that seniors lose their independence and privacy. Seniors in assisted-living communities enjoy their own space, with large apartments available. Free to furnish their apartments as they wish, they also have total control of the door’s locks to make them feel secure.
Although the seniors may have moved away from family, caretakers and volunteers step in to help. The staff in most assisted-living communities are available to assist 24/7. They can quickly respond to any need the seniors might have, countering the myth that no one will be around to provide support.
While staying at assisted-living communities, seniors continue with their hobbies, including gardening, playing bingo, reading books, or getting physically fit in a gym. In reality, assisted living is far from boring.

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