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Positive Effects of Art on Seniors

Ryan Novaczyk

· Ryan Novaczyk

An executive well-versed in financial management, Ryan Novaczyk has served as president and CFO of New Perspective Senior Living for more than a decade. A member of the American Seniors Housing Association, Ryan Novaczyk helps the company provide seniors with essential mental stimulation and social enrichment through participation in art-related activities.

Research has proven the beneficial effects of arts and crafts on seniors. Senior living communities have long been providing clients with art therapy services, aiming to improve their psychological health, sensory-motor functions, and cognitive abilities, according to the American Art Therapy Association.
Neurologists have even stated that although the human brain ages, creativity does not deteriorate. In fact, the aging brain is said to remain creative due to years of accumulated knowledge and experience.
Board-certified therapists attest to the positive effects of art among seniors, such as breaking down the social barriers set up by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Other benefits of art include relaxation, a sense of control, reduced depression and anxiety, socialization and communication, and improved cognitive functions.

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