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The Diamond Accreditation Program from WALA

Ryan Novaczyk

· Ryan Novaczyk

An executive in the senior housing industry, Ryan Novaczyk serves as the president and CFO of New Perspective Senior Living, a company that provides housing for seniors in Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Ryan Novaczyk's professional memberships include the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association (WALA).

Since its establishment in 1994, WALA has supported professionals in the senior living industry across Wisconsin. The association partners with Argentum in a national effort to improve the quality of living for seniors and advocate for senior housing providers. To maintain high standards, WALA offers its voluntary Diamond Accreditation Program.
Open to all WALA members, the Diamond Accreditation Program is a cost-effective quality management plan. In evaluating senior housing providers for Diamond Accreditation, WALA looks at the residents, staff, and the executive leadership to ensure top customer service, efficient business operations, and an overall model of excellence. Senior housing providers who earn Diamond Accreditation will have a reputation for top-quality service equal to a five-star listing for a restaurant or hotel.

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